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Welcome To My Website! All Of These Video And Songs I Posted Specially For YOU! 

Feel Free To Click Around And Listen/Watch/Download My Videos And Songs! 

I'm 19 And Recorded ALL Of This Myself! Please Share Whatever You Feel Is Reasonable..IT ALL HELPS!

                                        Top Listens

         Broken Hearts

             The Intro

My King

           I Feel Good

          What's Life?

            Mic Session

      Have You Ever?

            I Love You

        3 Persons In One

My name is Jacob Thornton AKA G.L.R. (God's Lil Rebel). I'm 20 years old and I am on fire for The Christ! I am a born again Christian Hip Hop artist promoting peace and love from our Lord Jesus Christ. I made this website for you, so click around and enjoy!

Illuminati Rap
God's Lil Rebel

Email: [email protected]

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