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Posted by lomavistahoodlum on November 8, 2013 at 1:40 AM

Nothing in life is nearly as real as it seems. Everything is symbolized by dreams, desires, death, and parables. Like they say, is life not but a box of chocolates? God knew behind every literal meaning can come a twist, which in the wrong hands could result in a lie leading to deception and power over the others who don't understand the complete truth about God. It'd be best if we go over the ground rules that we should live by, which God spoke of and is written in The Holy Bible.

Rule number one: Obey God. If you don't know God, then now's a great time to find out! God is known by many names, and as long as you treat His name with authority and obedience then this could be played safe by saying that this God is the same God of all who believe in only one God, being the God of Heaven and Earth. God created men and women to serve Him, but despite following His orders we disobeyed our Father and instead did what we thought was best, as though we still continue to do today. Even the first humans sinned against God, but they still maintained a healthy relationship with Him because God forgives those who repent for their sins. God is the santa claus of good deeds. When you need something, pray to God and He shall grant it to you if it is according with His will. But don't only pray in the time of need! For this is like a criminal who asks to be saved from prosecution and is, but then goes on ahead with his freedom to commit many more crimes.

Rule number two: Study God's Word. The only way to reach God is by praying, which is in fact the main point of The Bible. The physical connection between us and God disappeared once we took that decision to accept sin as a part of our lifestyle. Everything in The Bible is in fact true. No matter how you want to put it, this piece of writing is 100% factual evidence inspired by God himself! Without this book, we have absolutely no way to know our true Creator! The bible strictly defines the two kinds of people who exist; believers and nonbelievers. Although many religions claim to be praying to God, He specifically says the only way to receive eternal life is through Jesus Christ, His son who died our death and was risen three days later to ascend to the right hand throne of God Himself! The Bible is full of stories which give hidden knowledge to those who study and decode these scriptures.

Rule number three: Preach the Gospel. How can you preach what you do not understand? In order to preach the Good News of eternal salvation you must understand what you are talking about! You have one thing to preach and the chance is that you may never see that person again whether it be your parent, your sibling, your friend or even a complete stranger! You have the chance to save a life every single day! You don't need to become a fireman or a policeman to save lives! The Gospel even teaches how to spread The Word of the Kingdom of God! Everything you will ever need to know is between Genesis and Revelations! Death is very real, need I remind you? You have one shot at life, but you're not alone.. we are in this together! We are family, whether we are believers in Christ or not. What extreme would you go to in order to tell a stranger hello? Jesus lived a perfect life and died an imperfect death just to call out to your name! Your name is written in God's Book of Life but if you can't keep Him inside of Your personal book.. then why should He keep you inside of His? All you must do to preach The Bible is simply connect with a stranger! The biggest commandment of The Bible is to love thy neighbor as thyself! Even if you don't talk strictly about The Gospel, would you not be following The Bible's biggest commandment by simply doing what it says? But imagine the joy you'd bring to God at the mentioning of His name!

God is as real as you and I. Let's say you don't believe in God because He's something you can't see, so tell me why do you believe you can breathe without seeing the oxygen you inhale and exhale? Every person will be judged according to their works! Both the dead and those who will still be alive will be judged, whether or not they're believers or nonbelievers it doesn't matter! The significance of Jesus' death and resurrection! This man fulfilled the prophecies spoke about Him before He even came! And even better, He wasn't ending the Bible's truth but only the beginning of the New Testament! What salvation this is! All I request you to do is not think about WHEN this happened, but WHY! Jesus isn't a religion, He's a relationship leading back to our Father! There is no label for this man except "Savior!" Jesus is the ladder reaching through space that sends us back to Heaven! Christianity is the only religion that you don't have to enlighten yourself to reach God, but instead He saw that we could never be good enough for Him so instead He sent His one and only Son to die for our mess ups! Jesus loved even his enemies! So what part of His Word caused you to hate Him? Jesus is our only connection leading to God and if you don't choose to accept Him before He comes back to take His believers, you might as well drench yourself with gasoline and light the match because that is what will happen if you CHOOSE NOT to receive His eternal life!




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