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About Me

First off, my name's Jake Thornton. I was born into the year of 1995 on September 28. I just graduated Oroville High School in California and I don't smoke weed, drink alcohol, or give in to the temptations that will limit me from exceeding my career and furthering my interest in writing music. I spend just about every single night inside of my bedroom writing for about 2-3 hours at a time; Being a 4-year 3-sport athlete for all my years of highschool and maintaining a GPA of 3.83; football, baseball, and wrestling have done nothing but strengthen my power to push myself upon the edge of greatness. I'm unsigned and willing to collaborate. hit me up peeps!

How It Started

Back in eighth grade while riding the bus home I used to get bored so I wrote parody songs to pass by the time.  Freshman year I started listening to Andre Nickatina and write 'his kind of  style' music as I went over his words with my own.  Not soon later I foundout about instrumentals which I then started to write to, leading to over 4 years worth of rap sheets stacked up inside of my closet. I come up with lyrics during school, while driving, and just any other personal time I have to myself.  Now, though, I enjoy sittin' in my chair, playin' the beat, and then writing the music not TO the beat, but THROUGH it. Oh yeah, did I mention I do it all for Christ!? He has transformed my life completely 180 and delivered me from the evil one!