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      Backseat Freestyle Remix 

                    I Love You

Jake Thornton Mic Session

                Christ is Lord

               Scooter Mobbin

         The Story of My Life

  Jake Thornton Got BARS!!!!!

     Best Of Jake Scooter Clips

         The Graduation Song

        My King

              5 Stair Tailwhip

      Started From the Bottom 
      (1st Place Contest Entry)

 God's Lil Rebel Gassin' Rack City 

           Bank Stale Tailwhip

              My Fire's Burnin'

   God's Lil Rebel in Production

             Mobbin At Ophir

                   Like Damn

 God's Lil Rebel Gassin' A Bunch!

            Gettin' Jiggy Wit' It

    God's Lil Rebel 2012 Verse

  Old School Bars From 9th Grade

            The Spice Song

            Throwaway Clips

          Summer's Just Begun

     Mrs. Right Now (Ft. Miller T)

          Where Ya Guard At?

     The Game's Still The Same

     God's Lil Rebel Acapella